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The Moscow Elementary Choir rehearses at Russell Elementary after school on Mondays and Thursdays

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Choir Spring 2019

Third Grade Songs

1. So, You Wanna Be A Pirate
2. Singin’ a Pirate Song
3. This Land is Your Land
4. Home on the Range
5. My Home’s in Montana
6. Old Joe Clark
7. Take Me Out to the Ballgame
8. Cedar Swamp/You Get a Line and I'll Get a Pole

3rd Grade Song Lyrics

Fourth Grade Songs

1. So, You Wanna Be A Pirate
2. Singin’ a Pirate Song
3. Old Joe Clark
4. I love the Mountains
5. I Love the Mountains
6. This Land is Your Land

4th Grade Song Lyrics

Fifth Grade Songs

1. I Love the Mountains
2. I Love the Mountains
3. Land of the Silver Birch
4. Samba de Brazil
5. Thula, Thula
6. Old Joe Clark
7. So, You Wanna Be A Pirate
8. Singin’ a Pirate Song
9. Wade in the Water/Wayfarin' Stranger/Land of the Silver Birch

5th Grade Song Lyrics

Jazz Choir 2017
Moscow Elementary School Choir

Choir is available to all students in grades 3 – 6 who are ready for part-singing.

In this group, children will be given the opportunity to share in the gift of music as they develop vocal “tools”—tools they will use for the rest of their lives to enjoy healthy singing and speaking. Concerts will be performed for some community groups as well as for local schools, friends, and family.

The annual Holiday Concert, in conjunction with The University of Idaho will be held on Friday, December 11, at 7:00 in the Kibbie Dome on the University of Idaho campus. This program will be made available online live and also on television and DVD. It is an exciting event that includes 500 singers from all over northern Idaho.

Another event we have enjoyed participating in over the past several years is the Jazz Festival on the UIdaho campus. Jazz Festival performances will be scheduled during the day on Thursday, February 25. Before this date, the choir will tour all of the elementary schools to perform.

Full rehearsals will begin on Thursday, September 17, and will continue on Thursdays only until the end of October. Beginning on Monday, November 2, rehearsals will begin to include jazz style and rehearsals will take place Mondays and Thursdays. All of these rehearsals will begin at 3:20 and go until 4:30. We may schedule a few Saturday morning rehearsals as well.

The cost is $35.00/semester for which checks may be made payable to Moscow School District. If you would like to request a special fee, please call and talk with me about this or write me a note. The cost should not prevent any child’s participation.

Lisa Steckel, Choir Director

Russell – 882-2715 AM;

West Park – 882-2714 PM