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At Russell School, we rely heavily on formative assessments to guide our instruction. These assessments are short quick snapshots of how students are doing while they are still learning the information presented in class. We use the results of these formative assessments to make adjustments to our instruction so we can be as responsive to our students' needs as possible.
In addition to our formative assessments, we have several standardized assessments that are given throughout the year. These assessments are used to measure the success of our program and to make sure we are aligning our instruction with State and National Norms. 

Below is a list of the assessments we use at Russell. Each assessment's description contains a link to a website with additional information. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact your child's classroom teacher or the Principal.   

Assessments at Russell

AIMSWeb MComp: This is a nationally-normed assessment that measures computational fluency, meaning how quickly a student can accurately calculate basic mathematical functions. Students are given 8 minutes to complete as many basic math problems as possible. The MComp is taken at all three of our grade levels three times a year, or as needed. 
AIMSWeb MCOMP Information

AIMSWeb MCAP: This nationally-normed assessment is similar to the MComp, but focuses on problem solving in more of a story problem format. The MCap also takes 8 minutes.
AIMSWeb MCAP Information

IStation: IStation is a new assessment for the State of Idaho. In third grade, this replaced the old Idaho Reading Indicator assessment. The IStation assessment measures numerous categories in reading comprehension and fluency. It is required to be administered at 3rd grade twice per year. In the Moscow School District, we have found the results to be very useful and have adopted it for all of the elementary grades. Many teachers choose to administer the assessment every month to help guide instruction and make adjustments to our curriculum as necessary.  
IStation Information

Accelerated Reader: Russell School participates in Renaissance Place's Accelerated Reader program. After students complete a book, they take an assessment showing their understanding of what they read. 
Accelerated Reader Information

ISAT 2.0 by SBAC: The ISAT is referred to as the SBAC in most states where it is administered. The ISAT is the primary measure of a school's achievement in the State of Idaho. It is a comprehensive assessment covering English Language Arts and Math in grade 3-5 at Russell. There is also a science assessment for fifth graders. 
ISAT Information

Formative Assessments: Assessment given to students as the learning is still happening. This helps us meet student needs before a final summative test is administered. 
Information on Formative Assessments

Moby Max: Many students in our support program take part in the Moby Max math program. Moby Max includes an initial placement assessment and gives regular reports on student progress toward identified areas of need. 
Moby Max Information 

ISAT Results: 
Russell Elementary School Report Card - Current Assessment Data
School Report Card 2015/16
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