New to Russell?

New to Russell School? Welcome!

This page is designed to help new families transition to Russell as seamlessly and comfortably as possible.

If you are new to our school or considering enrolling, please review the helpful document in the link below. We have translated it into five different languages to help our families who are not as comfortable speaking English.

Welcome to Russell English.docx
Welcome to Russell Chinese Simplified.docx
Welcome to Russell Gulf Arabic.docx
Welcome to Russell.Arabic Egyptian.doc
Welcome to Russell_Korean.docx

Get to know Russell School

Russell Website: The Russell School website is filled with information. You can explore teacher classroom pages, learn about our National Blue Ribbon winning Title I program, contact any staff member, and even find out ways you can get involved at school by exploring the pages included in the site.

Tour the School: As a smaller public school, having just under two hundred students, we are uniquely accessible to our students and their families. The principal gives many tours of the building and grounds throughout the year. If you are interested in a tour, just call or stop by our office and ask! Advanced notice is helpful to make sure we are available.  

Contacting Russell for help

Office: If you have general questions about enrollment, supplies, the school calendar, want to send a message to your child, or if your child will be absent, please call our secretary in the office.

Principal: If you have a question, concern, or compliment about something happening at school, please contact the principal.

Classroom Teacher: If you have a question, concern, or compliment about something going on in the classroom, the teacher is a great place to start. The classroom teacher is the person at our school who knows your child best. We pride ourselves in a staff that is open to listening to and working with parents to help meet the needs of our children. Classroom teachers are also the best source of information for anything regarding academic information. They can be your first point of contact for questions about testing, student progress, classroom snacks.

Secretary: If you have any general questions about Russell, including events, calendar, schedule, etc. the secretary. Don’t know who to ask? Ask the secretary!

School Psychologist: If you have questions or concerns that regarding the well-being of your child, please feel free to contact the school psychologist. Our school psychologist can work with social/emotional issues, learning disabilities, and counseling needs. She is an excellent person to contact about our area’s resources for families who need additional assistance outside of school.

Advocating for your child

Please do not hesitate to contact us at school if you have questions or need assistance of any kind. It is easiest to contact teachers through email.  Our teachers are very good at replying to email correspondence the day it is received. Unfortunately, we sometimes have technology problems that get in the way. If you do not receive a reply from a teacher by the end of the following school day, it is a good idea to follow up with a phone call. If you don’t feel your concern or questions have been resolved, please follow up by contacting the principal. Following up on unanswered communication or seeking additional assistance from the principal is how we operate! Please do not feel like you are “complaining” or “nagging” by being persistent with communication. On the contrary, we always appreciate families supporting their children through respectful advocacy.